I am currently teaching University of Cambridge students on papers (courses) Econ8 (Philosophy of economics – social ontology) and Soc 2 (Social theory). I also occasionally accept requests to supervise on Soc1 (Modern societies) and Soc14 (Sociology of education).

My teaching on Econ8 cover the materials developed for Philosophy of economy that focuses on social ontology (mostly Lawson, Searle, etc.), with discussions engaging specific examples of thinking ‘ontologically’ – from the nature of the firm (i.e. the status of corporate actors) to questions of epistemic authority and political responsibility (e.g., what does it mean to claim that the ‘nature’ of the market is such and such; what are the implications for predicting long- (or medium-)term ‘trends’; etc.

My teaching in Soc2 covers different elements of the existing syllabus, with additonal reading/watching/listening material. I tend to focus on topics such as philosophy of science (falsificationism and the Kuhn/Popper debate), Bourdieu, Foucault, feminist theory/epistemology, poststructuralism, and the ontological ‘turn’.  I’m happy to supervise on existentialism (always) and Habermas/the Frankfurt School (not always, but you can always ask).

In Soc1, I cover Marx and Weber (but not Durkheim), as well as class & inequality, gender & sexuality, and power, ideology & neoliberalism. My teaching takes a theoretically-inflected tone that emphasizes the historical, cultural, and political-economic context of the evelopment of particular concepts and ideas. I also include a lot of optional/additional material, in particular on class, intersectionality, and social change, comparing the UK with other global contexts.

In Soc14 my supervisions cater to individual courses of study/research, with emphasis on sociological studies of power and inequalities, decolonisation in higher education, and politics and history of education policies.

If you would like to inquire about supervision or need additional tutorials, get in touch at jb906 (at)

Between 2011 and 2013, I taught on the Master programme of the Department of Public Policy at the Central European University in Budapest. You can access the syllabi here:

Politics and policies of higher education (AY 2011/2012)

Higher education policy (AY 2012/2013)