Having become a professional malcontent long before becoming a professional, I found refuge in that age-old shelter for dissatisfied types worldwide: the academia. I occasionally venture outside of the proverbial ivory tower, but having found no other place that seems better whilst simultaneously harbouring the same amount of humans with predilection for reading and discussing ideas, I decided to stick around.

I am interested in what we – as humans – can know, how the fact we’re human influences what we know, and how what we know influences what we do. Academically speaking, this translates into an interest in sociology and philosophy of knowledge, cognition and agency, and social theory and epistemology. I also have a fascination with how humans relate to each other, and how we can ensure this happens in the least oppressive way possible. This, among other things, translates into an interest in politics and policy.

I am lucky to have lived in 10 cities and five countries – having been born in Belgrade, Serbia (though, if you count Yugoslavia too, that’s more than one country!) and then moving, in no particular order, to the UK (Oxford, Bristol, London, Cambridge, Durham, and Newcastle), Hungary (Budapest), Denmark (Copenhagen), and New Zealand (Auckland). Though the pandemic and demands of a full-time job mean I have become, to my irritation, more stationary over the past few years, I still love travelling, especially to places I haven’t been before.

When I don’t teach or write, or travel, I do research, but most of my time is spent on thinking. Thinking and walking are probably my two favourite activities. Often in combination.

I can get by in a few languages but tend to read, write and express myself in English.

I listen to music. A lot. Always when I’m walking or commuting. Actually, there are very few activities I consider more pleasurable. I walk a lot. I also cycle, when I can. In 2022, I moved to the seaside. I am a huge fan of the sea, even if in the form of oceans.

I read. Everything. You’ve been warned.