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Is theory only about men?

One of the excuses I often hear for theory syllabi or curricula that focus only or overwhelmingly on White men (sometimes with the inclusion of Du Bois as one of the rare non-White men, the approach I refer to as ‘White boys + Du Bois’) is that “there just aren’t that many women in social [sociological, insert any other discipline] theory”. Especially for these, I made this short video, to mark International Women’s Day 2021.

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Existing while female

Space The most threatening spectacle to the patriarchy is a woman staring into space. I do not mean in the metaphorical sense, as in a woman doing astronomy or astrophysics (or maths or philosophy), though all of these help, too. Just plainly sitting, looking into some vague mid-point of the horizon, for stretches of time.…

Knowing neoliberalism

(This is a companion/’explainer’ piece to my article, ‘Knowing Neoliberalism’, published in July 2019 in Social Epistemology. While it does include a few excerpts from the article, if using it, please cite and refer to the original publication. The very end of this post explains why). What does it mean to ‘know’ neoliberalism? What does…

Night(mare) in Michaelmas*: or, an academic Halloween tale

Halloween, as the tradition goes, is the time when the curtain between the two worlds opens. Of course, in anthropology you learn that this is not a tradition at all – they are all invented, it just depends how long ago. This Halloween, however, I would like to tell you a story about boundaries between…

The King’s Two(ish) Bodies

Contemporary societies, as we know, rest on calculation. From the establishment of statistics, which was essential to the construction of the modern state, to double-entry bookkeeping as the key accounting technique for ‘rationalizing’ capitalism and colonial trade, the capacity to express quality (or qualities, to be more precise) through numbers is at the core of…

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