Public talks, invited lectures, media engagements

(note that these are only updated occasionally and often retrospectively, so easiest to check my Twitter and/or Mastodon for upcoming event announcements)

Keynotes & invited lectures


Epistemic what? Positioning, injustice, and political economy of knowledge production, Political Epistemology Network, Amsterdam, December 2022 (keynote lecture)

Epistemic positioning and the Merton Effect, School of Sociology and Social Policy, Leeds University, October 2022 (invited lecture)

Where is a university? Praxis Symposium IV: Post-pandemic higher education, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, May 2022 (keynote)

What is theory for? Department of Sociology, University of Hamburg, January 2022 (invited lecture)


Epistemic positioning and epistemic injustice, University of Cambridge, Department of Sociology seminar series, October 2021 (invited lecture)

Doing (with) theory: beyond theory and practice, Hannover University, Leibniz Center for Science and Society, September 2021 (keynote)

In science we trust? Fatalistic liberalism, public risk, and ‘following the science’, Harvard University, July 2021 (guest lecture)

Authority and the politics of expertise (with Federico Brandmayr), The Philosopher seminar series, May 2021 (invited talk)

Identifying the unprecedented: knowledge production “in these unprecedented times”, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, May 2021 (invited talk)

Covid-19 and systemic risk, Cambridge Disasters Research Network series, March 2021 (invited talk)

On not knowing the future, Stanford University, Yugosplaining and Beyond, February 2021 (invited talk)


On ‘following the science’, Imperial College, Network of Science Communication Professionals, August 2020 (invited talk)

Performing social science? Disciplines, expertise, and the Corona crisis, Politics of Economics seminar series, CRASSH, University of Cambridge, July 2020 (invited lecture)

What was neoliberalism and what comes next? A political economy of predicting the end, European Sociological Association’s Critical Political Economy mid-term conference, June 2020 (invited presentation)


Who knows? Positioning and epistemic judgment in knowledge production, Centre for Discourse Analysis Seminar Series, University of Essex, December 2019 (invited talk)

Political economy of academic mobility in a post-carbon world, Academic Institutions and Communities in the Times of Ecological and Climate Disruption, Czech Academy of Arts and Sciences, October 2019 (invited talk)

Neoliberalism and the limits of critique in contemporary universities, Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE) seminar series, Institute of Education, University of London, May 2019 (invited lecture)

More than a feeling? Neoliberalism and the emotional logic of critique, Critical Theory seminar series, University of Nottingham, April 2019 (invited talk)


Writing our way out of neoliberalism?, Undisciplining: conversations at the edges, Gateshead, June 2018 (invited panel)

Reclaiming collective spaces for academic resistance, BSA Early Career Event, University of Newcastle, May 2018 (keynote lecture)

How to use social media, UCU Activists Day School, London, April 2018 (invited talk)

Who acts and what matters in the neoliberal university?, Department of Education Research Seminar Series, University of Lancaster, January 2018 (invited talk)


Who Acts and What Matters in the Neoliberal University? Digital University in a Neoliberal Age, Contemporary Philosophy of Technology seminar series, University of Birmingham, November 2017 (invited talk)

Feminist epistemology, Philosophy of social science graduate course, Manchester Metropolitan University, November 2017 (guest lecture)

What does a university do? From purposes to uses of the university, and back, Central European University, Budapest, September 2017 (keynote lecture)

Neoliberalism on the periphery? Higher education and knowledge production after Yugoslavia, University College London (UCL), February 2016 (invited talk)

Higher education, conflict, and social justice beyond the neoliberal university, School of Social Justice seminar series, University College Dublin, May 2015 (invited talk)

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