Longform essays

Academic Freedom is Not Freedom of Speech, Critical Legal Thinking, 21/04/2022

Philosophy Herself, The Philosopher, Spring 2022

Why We Don’t Act, The Boston Review, December 2021

Epistemic autonomy and the Free Nose Guy problem. The Philosopher, Spring 2021.

Op-eds, opinion

The British Government’s Covid strategy was never designed to manage the virus, The Guardian, Opinion, 26/07/2021

How knowledge grows, (note: not my translation) Peščanik, 5/07/2021 [Serbian original:

There’s no such thing as ‘just following the science’ – advice is political. The Guardian, Opinion, 28/04/2020

USS strikes: picket line debates will reinvigorate scholarship, says Jana Bacevic (Times Higher Education, 13 March 2018)

Two-year degrees and the biopolitics of higher education (Times Higher Education, 26 December 2017)

Invited posts

My friends got me this job, Post-Pandemic University, July 2021

The shifting priorities of UK Government’s response to Covid-19 pandemic highlights the need for publicly accountable expert advice. LSE Impact blog, 27/04/2020

No such thing as society? Liberal paternalism, politics of expertise, and the Corona crisis, Discover Society, 20/03/2020

Reviews and engagements

What we talk about when we talk about universities, LSE Review of books, December 2019

Solving the democratic problem, Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective, May 2017

Ends of the world: a review of Danowski and Viveiros de Castro, CUSP Blog, 2018

Critters, critics, and Californian theory: a review of Donna Haraway, CUSP Blog, 2017


What is social theory? An interview with Jana Bacevic (Social Theory Applied, 28 June 2018)

USS strikes and the winter of academics’ discontent (Times Higher Education, 2018)