If you are a prospective applicant to postgraduate research programme and are approaching me as a potential supervisor, please send briefly:

(1) The proposed title and topic of your research project (including three or four bibliographical references to give me a sense of the literature you are relying on)

(2) 2-3 sentences about your academic/professional background and interests (no need for a CV)

(3) Why you would like to pursue a PhD at Durham and whether you are looking to apply for a scholarship

(4) Why you would like to work with me as a supervisor.

If you are a current or former student and would like to request a reference, please send the following:

(1) One sentence about the class/module you attended and when, including if there was something specific that stood out

(2) 1-2 sentences about and/or link to the programme/position you are applying for

(3) One sentence about the project/proposal you are applying with (note this may not apply to all MA programmes).

(4) Why you are applying for it

(5) The deadline for the recommendation (and feel free to keep reminding me of it – remember, this is in your interest!)

If you are approaching me as about supervision and advising outside of these frameworks, please do get in touch but note that my availability is limited due to commitments at Durham.

ALL inquiries are to be sent via Durham University’s contact form, not through social media.