In Serbian

Here are links to some of my earlier writing in Serbian/BCS, published on the website  Peščanik, a critical and (relatively, of course) independent platform for news and opinion pieces, widely read among the liberal left publics across the post-Yugoslav space.

My posts predominantly deal with politics of knowledge production – some were written as reaction to waves of student protests in 2011 – and with feminism, or gender, especially in relation to political performativity.


Ko je Kajzer Soze? Ili, o fantomima obrazovanja u Srbiji [16/05/2014]


Megapetnica [5/11/2013]


Smrt žene na internetu [22/02/2013]


Samo pozitivno [10/04/2012]


Protest, naša privatna stvar? [14/11/2011]


„Domovina se brani znanjem“: prizivanje države [2/11/2011]


Zašto studente nema ko da podrži? [27/10/2011]