This is a list of recent and upcoming events (conferences, invited lectures, workshops) where I am speaking – I’ve started doing more of these again recently, so get in touch if you want to discuss collaboration/participation in future events.

I’m in the process of uploading links to presentation material (slides, video) and/or background papers – please cite them if using them in your own work/teaching.

12 April 2018

BSA annual conference, Newcastle

Who acts and what matters? Political ontology, power, and agency in the ‘neoliberal university’

9 March 2018

Technology and New Media research cluster, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge, 1-2PM

In the Land of dark ontology: from speculative realism to technofascism (and everything in between)

2 March 2018

London Realist Workshop, SOAS, London, 5PM

The social ontology of critique

22 February 2018 [Postponed in solidarity with UCU strike – will post the new date once we have it!]

Between the discourse of ‘resilience’ and death by committee – Reclaiming collective spaces for academic resistance, BSA Early Career Event, University of Newcastle

Critique in the neoliberal university: conditions of (im)possibility

31 January 2018

Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University seminar series, 12.30-2 PM

University, neoliberalism, critique: the Catch-22 of the ‘war on universities’


8 November 2017

Digital University in a Neoliberal Age, Contemporary Philosophy of Technology seminar series, University of Birmingham

Who acts and what matters in the neoliberal university?

(Powerpoint JBacevic_BHamDigiUni; video here – the second half apparently got destroyed in the transfer, so you can only see the first half and no presentation screen)

8 November 2017

Manchester Metropolitan University, Philosophy of social science graduate course

Feminist epistemology

(Powerpoint: JBacevic_FeministEpistemology)

18 September 2017

Central European University,  Sociology and social anthropology graduate conference keynote lecture

What does a university do? From purposes to uses of the university, and back

(Text here; powerpoint: JBacevic_CEU)

April 2017

British Sociological Association (BSA) annual conference, University of Manchester

Lay or sociological? Bourdieu, Archer, and reflexivity in the neoliberal academia

December 2016

Accelerated academy: evaluation, acceleration, and metrics in academic life, University of Leiden, Centre for Science and Technology Studies

From quantified to qualified selves: time, distance and critique in the accelerated academy

November 2016

University of Warwick, Reflexivity forum

Do critical realists dream of critical sheep? Lay vs. sociological reflexivity in the academia

September 2016

Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI), University of Sheffield, workshop: The political economy of Brexit – Implications for the labour market, free movement and the UK welfare state

Experts, exports and expats: (cultural) political economy of post-Brexit knowledge production in the UK

August 2016

Second International conference in cultural political economy, University of Bristol

When I hear the word ‘culture’: situating culture in critical cultural political economy

May 2016

University of Warwick, Reflexivity forum

War on universities? Neoliberalism, knowledge production and intellectual positioning in the UK (and where is reflexivity in all this)

February 2016

University College London, School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies seminar series

Neoliberalism on the periphery? Higher education and knowledge production after Yugoslavia

January 2016

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Centre de Sociologie Européenne, Paris, Sociology of Intellectuals workshop

Who do ideas belong to? Methodological implications of relational ontology of knowledge production

(Presentation: Bacevic_Paris_2016)

September 2015

University of Lancaster, Inaugural conference in cultural political economy

Beyond resistance: thinking about human agency through critical cultural political economy

May 2015

University College Dublin, School of Social Justice seminar series

Higher education, conflict, and social justice beyond the neoliberal university

(Video here)

November 2014

Graduate School of Education at the University of Bristol and South-West Doctoral Training Centre workshop

Ethnography in educational settings

May 2014

University of Ljubljana, Centre for Education Policy Studies lecture series

From Class to Identity: Politics of education reforms in former Yugoslavia

(Video here)